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    Highly Experienced Professionals

    Highly trained professionals with immense expertise and experience keeps a continuous check on quality of products.

    Envision a greener future

    The aim is to provide our society with sustainable infrastructure solutions and providing quality products. We are presenting the world with a greener and more pleasant start to sustainable living.

    Creativity & Innovation

    Working with fresh and innovative ideas building a welcoming, and taking calculated risks to further our project. "Make In India " is our moto for Construction needs.

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    Finest Concrete for Finest Aesthetics

    Founded in the year, 2013-14, Finecrete is India’s most reliable source for construction products.

    Finecrete was founded with the goal of being the best in the market in terms of innovation and environmentally friendly construction solutions.

    With highly qualified professionals working tirelessly to provide you with the best products on the market. With eco-friendly practices and long-term infrastructural solutions, we want to offer our world a fresh start in the future.

    Our team is consisted of highly experienced professionals who possess the right technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to deliver international standard products.

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    Why Choose Us ?

    Highly trained professionals

    What sets us apart is our team of experienced professionals and their vision for a sustainable infrastructure solution. It is thanks to their creativity and superior innovations that our clients have been so pleased with our work.

    Reasonable Price

    The price of the product depends upon market rate . The quality of the product is never compromised. Our vision to make products eco friendly without compromising quality sets us apart from the crowd.

    Trusted by 500 Clients

    Serving over 500+ clients with positive feedback fuels us to work even harder and toil even further to find the best infrastructure solution suitable for your needs.

    Fast feature Delivery

    We meet the due requirements of our customers by providing the quality products . Your demand will be served by us !

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      With the upcoming boom in the green movement, there are a number of companies emerging with their USPs. Fincrete ushers in a new era of quality and innovative products for the construction industry.

      Our state of the art AAC blocks are one of a kind! These blocks are manufactured using only natural materials, reducing emissions into the environment without hindering the quality and performance of our products.


      Feather Mort is a ready to mix, self curing cementitious mortar for mounting and bonding, it can be used for both interior and exterior purposes. With improved compressive and tensile strength, it offers better value for money .


      It is suitable for application on internal walls made by bricks, AAC Blocks, Concrete Blocks and Concrete. Feather GYPlast is composed of gypsum hemidrate and special additives.


      It is a single component ready to use product and its application is also super easy and can be done by an ordinary layman.


      We have been registered with the appropriate ISO trademarks. Our vision and efforts to provide you with state-of-the-art products are certified and registered with the required standards. Just another mark of assurance for environmentally friendly building solutions.


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      How To Install AAC Blocks: A Step-By-Step Guide

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      Top 5 Ways AAC Blocks Are Being Recycled And Reused Today

      Top 5 Ways AAC Blocks Are Being Recycled And Reused Today

      Lightweight, durable, and environment-friendly, AAC blocks have become a popular choice in the construction industry. One of the key aspects contributing to their environmental friendliness is their potential for recycling and reuse. Here are the top 5 ways AAC blocks are being recycled and reused today, contributing to a more sustainable construction industry Aggregate for …

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      Which Construction Projects Benefit Highly From The Use Of AAC Blocks?

      Which Construction Projects Benefit Highly From The Use Of AAC Blocks?

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      Clients Love


      Working with Fincrete has been a pleasure, and we have used their AAC Blocks in several construction projects. What can we say; Fincrete is a mark of trust and reliability. Their AAC Blocks are much better than ordinary concrete. Fincrete is as reliable as its products

      Sh Srikanth Srinivasan (VP Purchase); Mr. Vishal Nagi (Procurement Manager) DLF

      Our clients trust us with their homes, and I put all my trust in Fincrete. Fincrete has never failed to deliver the best quality and affordability for its products, be it the AAC Blocks, Gypsum Plaster, or Adhesive. Fincrete is my choice over any other brand, and I recommend it to everyone.

      Sh Amit Gehlot (Director) Ambience

      The Amaryllis project is somewhat like a dream project for me and my whole team, and together we decided upon one thing unanimously, to make Amaryllis the best, we need to construct it with the best. Hence Fincrete! 100% SATISFACTION, 200% RECCOMENDED

      Sh Harsh Bansal (Director) Unity Group (Amaryllis)

      I connected with Fincrete before the construction of the MP Police Housing. I used their Gypsum Plaster during the construction of my project. I am fully satisfied with their product and service. Fincrete is the best when it comes to construction.

      Sh Chandan Singh (Director) Kamla Aditya (MP Police Housing)

       Ahluwalia Contractors Ltd is in the league of construction for over 5 decades, and we do not like going half-hearted when it comes to our projects. For example, the AIIMS, AAI, and CPWD projects; we cannot let them down! Using Fincrete products for the construction of these projects was the right and the best decision. All the best to Fincrete, and may Fincrete have greater success in the years to come.

      Sh Vikash Ahluwalia (Director) Ahluwalia Contractors Ltd

      We used Fincrete AAC Blocks while the construction of the NMIMS, Godrej, and Hero Homes projects, and it was a great experience. The AAC Blocks were of superb quality and cost-effectiveness. Thumbs up to Fincrete.

      Sh Naresh / Sh Rajeev Grover (Directors) Consort Builders (NMIMS/Godrej/Hero Homes)

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