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    Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks known for their strength, premium quality and energy efficiency, are top favourites in the material building industry. If you need the best AAC block supplies for your construction project in Punjab, choose Finecrete. We are a top-notch manufacturer helping you source AAC blocks in bulk.

    Finecrete has won the hearts of its ever-growing customer base. From individual homeowners to builders and architects- they swear by our power-packed products. Our AAC block supplies are available at competitive rates, and can easily match your requirements. We also have a fast and efficient delivery system that ensures quick order fulfilment for our customers.

    High-Strength yet Lightweight

    Rest assured that your construction project in Punjab will stay strong and last long. Our AAC blocks are strong though they appear lightweight. This ensures their strength. You can make construction projects stand tall and strong for years to come. We manufacture all AAC blocks in Punjab according to the best manufacturing standards and follow the most stringent quality control measures to ensure their durability. The lightweight factor also enables easy transfer of these blocks making way for reduced fuel expense for transportation. We have versatile AAC blocks available in various sizes and shapes and can be shaped, drilled or cut to precision to make them custom fit based on specific project requirements.

    Green and Sustainable Products

    The AAC blocks are a better choice for the environment, as compared to regular red bricks. Composed of eco-friendly raw materials - lime, sand, cement, and water, these are also sustainable. These can be  ‘green’ building materials for your construction project. Our manufacturing process uses various recycled industrial by-products, including fly ash, to reduce the wastage of environmental resources. We have a completely non-toxic AAC block production process. With our green initiatives, we are striving hard to incorporate recycling into our production processes and lessen our carbon footprint.

    Enviable Properties of AAC blocks

    Our AAC blocks have fantastic thermal insulation properties, which ensure reduced need for artificial heating and cooling of spaces. The production process of AAC blocks consumes less energy compared to traditional clay bricks. The raw materials used in AAC blocks are also more sustainable, including fly ash, a by-product of thermal power plants. The porous structure of AAC blocks also provides good sound insulation, which can contribute to a more comfortable living environment without the need for additional soundproofing materials. AAC blocks are non-combustible and provide excellent fire resistance. Buildings constructed with AAC blocks often have lower operational costs due to the reduced need for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. The high thermal efficiency of AAC blocks leads to significant savings on energy bills.

    Our AAC Blocks are Affordable

    Although our AAC blocks are outstanding in quality, you can enjoy competitive prices in Punjab. Our rates are affordable, matching your pockets and keeping you happy on both grounds – quality and affordability. So, brief us about your bulk requirements and we will be delighted to assist you.

    Get Top-Grade AAC Blocks at the Most Reasonable Prices!

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    AAC Block Size Chart

    625X250X225 0.035 28.45 26.37 24 In x 9 In x 8 In
    625X250X200 0.031 32 23.44 24 In x 9 In x 7 In
    625X250X100 0.016 64 11.72 24 In x 9 In x 4 In
    625X200x230 0.029 34.78 21.56 24 In x 7 In x 9 In
    625x200x225 0.028 35.56 21.09 24 In x 7 In x 8 In
    625x200x200 0.025 40 18.75 24 In x 7 In x 7 In
    625x200x150 0.019 53.34 14.06 24 In x 7 In x 6 In
    625x200x100 0.013 80 9.38 24 In X 8 In X 4 In

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    Get Top-Grade AAC Blocks at the Most Reasonable Prices!

    AAC Blocks for building construction

    As one of the leading AAC blocks manufacturers in Haryana, we offer the best supplies that match your budget perfectly. Our AAC block price is the most reasonable in the state, and you can verify this with other suppliers. Discuss your project requirements with us, and we will dispatch our AAC block supplies to your chosen destination at lightning speed. That is the Finecete guarantee for you!

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