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One year in sealed condition & should be stored in Dry and cool place.


The size of the pack is 20KG. It should be mixed with water till smooth paste is formed .


Approximately 55-60 sq.ft per 20kg bag with a 1/4" *1/4"(6mm*6mm) square notch trowel for bed of 3mm.

Feather Fix

Feather Fix is a marvellous Tile Adhesive . It is a mixture of cement, polymers, natural minerals and other aggregates. 

It is used on interior for installation of small and medium tiles, marble/granite on floors. It is a single component ready to use product and its application is also super easy and can be done by an ordinary layman .

Suitable Surface – Cement mortar, Cement Plaster,Cement Terrazzo and Tiles.
Area of application -It is designed for internal floor applications
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    Technical Specifications


    1-1(1/2) hours

    20 mins

    1 day (approx)

    14 Days (approx)

    24 hours

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