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Finecrete is a manufacturer of the finest AAC blocks  in the world. AAC blocks are 9 times the size of regular clay bricks. This translates to superior construction speed and quality, coupled with the formidable reduction of costs – on plaster and mortar – at the site.
Our products are designed for prefabricated construction in the Indian construction and infrastructure industry.

Finecrete MortBlock Joining Mortar is the best suited for its compressive strength and durability .

98% of AAC Fly Ash Blocks worldwide are joined using thin-bed mortar.

Modern technology is used to create Feather Plast Gypsum Plaster. It is versatile and provides better coverage than regular gypsum plaster. When it dries, the unique ingredients and particles in it produce a smooth surface finish.

Feather Tile Adhesive Standard is versatile and helps improve the overall quality of masonry. The on-site preparation time required is minimal. It is a polymer integrated grey cement composition-based adhesive for fixing ceramic, vitrified,and other types of tiles on internal flooring and internal walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

AAC has thermal insulating properties; its thermal conductivity is 1/5th of clay brick. So AAC conserves the heat for a more extended period and saves energy costs due to air conditioning or room heater.

Cement, Fly ash, and Lime are the critical ingredients for making AAC Blocks. Their curing takes place under steam curing, known as Autoclave. Due to sustainable material envelope, these products are certified under the green rating system and help builders get credit points.

The weight of AAC blocks is about 80% less than traditional red bricks and leads to a reduction in the use of cement and steel, thus, saving costs. Moreover, being environmentally friendly ,AAC blocks ensure better durability and improved sound and heat insulation compared to bricks.

Yes. You can use  AAC Blocks for load-bearing structures up to 3 storeys.

The sole mission of the Fincrete project is to develop products which are fit for the future of the infrastructure industry. We set our goals and standards really high for the quality of our products. Our team of R&D work tirelessly brings out the most innovative products,which help in improving the quality of life and the environment. 

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