3 (1)-min
3 (1)-min


12 Months from the date of manufacturing in a sealed conditions.

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The size of the pack is 30KG .Large quantity of material can be mixed at a time due to its longer pot life.


For a 3mm bed thickness the coverage 3-5kgs /sqm the coverage will vary depending on surface conditions.

Masonry Mortar for AAC Blocks/ Concrete Blocks / Concrete Panels/ Bricks

Feather Mort is a ready to mix, self curing cementitious mortar for mounting and bonding.

Feather mort is made from cement, graded sand and polymeric bind as well as excellent adhesion between the blocks. 

It is recommended for fixing all types of Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks, Reinforced Concrete Panel, Concrete Hollow Blocks & Bricks. It is a trusted product by real estate developers and builders around India, it can be used for both interior and exterior purposes.

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No Curing

Feather Mort contains advanced water retention polymers which do not require curing after being applied, saving water i.e no post curing is required after mounting the blocks.

Shelf Life

Large quantity of materials can be mixed at a time due to its longer pot life. It is easy to mix and can be applied quickly. This not only saves time but also manpower.

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Pre-mixed Product

It is a ready to use mortar mix, all that it needs is a minimal amount of water. Onsite preparation time required is minimal compared to regular mortar which makes project get ready on time.

High Thermal Insulation

Thin joints regulate the transfer of heat through walls. It provides adhesion between blocks to blocks and blocks to other porous cementitious surface.

No Shrinkage Cracks

AAC Block Jointing Mortar prevents seepage and water percolation during and after application avoiding shrinkage cracks .


Compared to conventional mortar, the amount of feather mort required is up to 3 times lesser.This speeds up the time needed for laying blocks .

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    Technical Specifications

    Grey color paste

    125-01550 KG/M3

    1750-1850 kg/mm3

    60 to 90 Mins

    5- 10 Minutes

    @ 28 days

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