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    Get the best supplies of sustainable and energy-efficient AAC blocks in Haryana at affordable rates!

    Welcome to Finecrete – your trusted manufacturer of high-quality AAC blocks in Haryana! You can bank on us whether you require AAC blocks for external walls, compound walls, boundary walls, or any other construction project requirement. If you are searching for an AAC block manufacturer in Haryana swearing by, go-green practices, you have come to the right place! We offer sustainable products as part of the building material industry in India. We take pride in our growing customer base, our versatile and eco-friendly product range and the exceptional supplies we provide.

    Experience Excellence in Construction

    At Finecrete, we always pay attention to supplying AAC blocks of premium quality that tick all the boxes. From being lightweight to offering thermal and sound insulation, the fire resistance characteristic of the AAC blocks to being eco-friendly, durable and versatile – these are popular choices for modern construction projects. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you will receive nothing but the best!
    To ensure consistency and uniformity in our AAC blocks production, we take charge of the raw material selection process, mix design components, and autoclaving process. We follow stringent protocols during the quality testing and product inspection process.

    Green Production Practices and Eco-Friendly Supplies

    When it comes to bulk production in quick time, we can help you as the top-rated AAC block manufacturer in Haryana. Get the best green AAC blocks from us striving hard to leave less carbon footprint wherever possible. We are doing our best to reduce toxic emissions and focus on recycling in our production process.
    The cost of our green AAC blocks depends on your specific requirements and preferences. The versatile products are competitively priced. You can know more about them by connecting to our sales executives.

    Premium Supplies with an Extensive Range

    Our diverse selection of AAC block supplies caters to all your needs, ensuring you find what you are looking for. You can easily bulk order the products of your choice based on size, finish, and more. You get full assurance about the quality.

    Affordable Supplies

    We prioritize quality ensuring our products meet the highest industry standards. We do a cost analysis, monitor the market dynamics and keep our pricing strategy flexible. We offer the best possible rates, making high-quality supplies accessible to all. Our lightweight AAC blocks helps to complete your construction project in Haryana faster and at lesser costs in comparison to traditional red bricks.

    Get Top-Grade AAC Blocks at the Most Reasonable Prices!

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    AAC Block Size Chart

    625X250X225 0.035 28.45 26.37 24 In x 9 In x 8 In
    625X250X200 0.031 32 23.44 24 In x 9 In x 7 In
    625X250X100 0.016 64 11.72 24 In x 9 In x 4 In
    625X200x230 0.029 34.78 21.56 24 In x 7 In x 9 In
    625x200x225 0.028 35.56 21.09 24 In x 7 In x 8 In
    625x200x200 0.025 40 18.75 24 In x 7 In x 7 In
    625x200x150 0.019 53.34 14.06 24 In x 7 In x 6 In
    625x200x100 0.013 80 9.38 24 In X 8 In X 4 In

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    As one of the leading AAC block manufacturers in Haryana, we are eager to cater to your bulk buying needs. Discuss your specific requirements with us at the earliest!

    Get Top-Grade AAC Blocks at the Most Reasonable Prices!

    As one of the leading AAC blocks manufacturers in Haryana, we offer the best supplies that match your budget perfectly. Our AAC block price is the most reasonable in the state, and you can verify this with other suppliers. Discuss your project requirements with us, and we will dispatch our AAC block supplies to your chosen destination at lightning speed. That is the Finecete guarantee for you!

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