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    In the building material industry in India, AAC blocks offer greener and sustainable solutions. Do you need AAC blocks of the best quality in Delhi? Finecrete is the best AAC block manufacturer and supplier in Delhi. We have a happy and ever-growing base of satisfied customers comprising individuals, businesses and organisations. AAC blocks have multifarious usage, whether you need them for exterior walls, interior walls, load-bearing walls, firewalls, facade cladding, roof panels and the like, look no further than us.


    When you order AAC block construction supplies from us, be assured that you will receive only top-notch products. We follow stringent quality control measures and adhere to the best industry standards in our manufacturing process. Buyers love our AAC blocks for their strength, consistent quality, and durability.

    Lightweight Supplies

    Get AAC blocks that appear as featherweight. Our blocks are lighter than traditional bricks, which makes them easier to transport and handle. You can be assured of lower labour costs and fast-track your construction project when you order supplies from us. With Finecrete, you can reduce your construction project cost.

    Eco-Friendly Supplies

    We have a keen eye on quality, sustainability and affordability, which makes us the favourite of customers all over Delhi. Our eco-friendly AAC blocks are what you need to ensure sustainable projects. Our range of eco-green products stands out for their energy efficiency. You can reduce energy consumption due to the fantastic thermal insulation properties that the blocks come with. These are sustainable and the perfect choice for any other modern construction project.

    Highly Durable

    As a top AAC block manufacturer in Delhi, we strive to bring you high-quality supplies. This solid building material comprises tiny air patches and hydrogen, which makes it concrete. These blocks are armed with heat protection properties that adapt to the temperature changes seamlessly. These are also pest-resistant, making your construction projects safe and long-lasting. You can also expect fantastic acoustic properties due to the closed air pockets, giving you the benefits of sound insulation. Your construction projects can stay sound-proof even on busy roads and thoroughfares.

    Get Top-Grade AAC Blocks at the Most Reasonable Prices!

    Our AAC blocks stand for quality and come with the assurance of affordability. When you bulk order from us, you get the supplies at competitive rates. There is no way you have to go over your
    budget to afford our supplies. You can always consult with us, and based on your specific requirements and budget- we provide you with a quote.

    AAC Block Size Chart

    625X250X225 0.0351563 28.44444444 26.3671875 24 In x 9 In x 8 In
    625X250X200 0.03125 32 23.4375 24 In x 9 In x 7 In
    625X250X100 0.015625 64 11.71875 24 In x 9 In x 4 In
    625X200x230 0.02875 34.7826087 21.5625 24 In x 7 In x 9 In
    625x200x225 0.028125 35.55555556 21.09375 24 In x 7 In x 8 In
    625x200x200 0.025 40 18.75 24 In x 7 In x 7 In
    625x200x150 0.01875 53.33333333 14.0625 24 In x 7 In x 6 In
    625x200x100 0.0125 80 9.375 24 In X 8 In X 4 In

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    So, are you eager to incorporate the eco-friendly and lightweight AAC blocks in your construction projects? No matter what requirements you have for sourcing our AAC blocks in Delhi, connect with us to grab the hot deals!

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