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Top 10 Advantages Of Finishing Your Walls With Gypsum Plaster

In recent years, gypsum plaster is more frequently used for plastering buildings than lime plaster and cement. And this is not without cause. There are several benefits of using gypsum plaster as a construction product. Connect with one of the noted gypsum plaster manufacturers in Delhi to purchase sustainable gypsum plaster at reasonable amounts.

  • Superior thermal insulation:

The reduced thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation offered by gypsum plaster make it a reliable option to decrease heating and cooling charges in a building.

  • Ready availability:

Gypsum is the main component of gypsum plaster. And it is an easily available raw material, unlike original sand which is an integral ingredient for cement plaster. Natural sand is not only rare to find but also banned in many countries.

  • Zero curing time required:

Being readymade, gypsum plaster doesn’t need extra curing time. This makes it quite helpful for saving resources like water that’s also used for the mixing process.

  • Exceptionally flexible:

Do you know that gypsum plaster can be directly applied? Well, you can straight away apply it over a brick or wooden base without it requiring a different finishing. Plus, gypsum plaster is an easy-to-use product that makes it a far more flexible option for coating walls than other traditional plasters.

  • The application technique is simple:

While standard cement plaster takes around 21 days for drying and settle, gypsum plaster requires just 3 days to dry up and set it. This makes it particularly useful for plastering multi-storeyed buildings.

  • Setting time is efficient:

Plaster requires additional drying time before a coat of paint can be applied to it. But gypsum plaster only takes about 30 minutes of time to set which is much quicker than conventional cement finishing. So, a construction worker can start the painting job only 3 to 4 days after the application of the gypsum plaster.

  • Top-notch durability:

Being extremely lightweight, gypsum plaster on application hardly adds weight to the entire construction. This allows the frames to be appropriately equipped for resisting natural calamities and is likely to retain their shape over the years.

  • 100% fire-resistant:

Being incomparably resistant to fire, walls with gypsum plaster coating can withstand fire for at least 3 hours.

  • Zero shrinkage:

Cement usually reacts on coming into contact with water. So, its plaster coating obtains cracks after it dries. Gypsum plaster, being more high-performance, generally tolerates minimal or zero shrinkage cracks which clearly makes it a better replacement for traditional plaster types.

  • Excellent finish:

Walls that are plastered with gypsum plaster are seamlessly leveled, unlike mortar plaster which needs a lot of hard work for achieving smoothness. It thus aids in bringing to highlight visually captivating living rooms instantly.

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