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What Are The Precautions To Take Before Laying AAC Blocks?

Aerated concrete autoclaved (AAC) is also known as autoclaved cellular concrete, aircrete, porous concrete, and autoclaved lightweight concrete. AAC is precast foam concrete that is light in weight. Such kinds of blocks are recyclable, porous, reusable, non-toxic and renewable. A Swedish architect who was looking for alternative building materials with qualities similar to wood developed AAC in 1924.

Aluminum powder, water, cement, lime, gypsum and Pulverized fly ash are combined to create the precast material AAC before being poured into a mould. Aluminum powder reacts with lime and fly ash when it is added to the concrete, creating many microscopic hydrogen bubbles. After being divided into blocks, the aerated concrete is pressure- and steam-cured for 8 – 12 hours in an autoclave. It is important to choose AAC blocks from only reputed AAC block manufacturers in NCR.

Precautions to Take Before Placing AAC Blocks

These are the precautions that you need to take:

  • Use the blocks only above the plinth level, not in the foundation, water tank, drainage pit, or any other area likely to experience excessive moisture. Similar to brick masonry, it is not advised to have a wall made of AAC Block without stiffeners, which is the reason AAC blocks are not used for working toilets and bathrooms.
  • After every three-meter length, a stiffener column must be provided.
  • It is advised to add an RCC band or bond beam (1200 mm in height) after every fourth steel reinforcement course to evenly distribute the wall load and prevent shear and horizontal cracks.
  • When building a load-bearing structure without beams or columns, stay away from using AAC blocks, even from the best AAC block suppliers in NCR.
  • Avoid using rich mortar with a 1:4 ratio and instead use a mortar mix of 1:6, as this will cause the wall to shrink and develop cracks.
  • To achieve better results, use Portland pozzolana cement.
  • Blocks should not be kept on unlabeled surfaces.

These days, AAC block manufacturers are working actively to establish a user-friendly and effective construction system.

What Makes AAC Blocks So Popular?

AAC blocks, also known as thermoclaved aerated concrete blocks, are the most popular type of construction material. AAC blocks have numerous uses because of their exceptional qualities and toughness. AAC blocks have established a unique standard for the building sector. As viable and affordable substitutes for red clay bricks, they are in high demand in the market. These kinds of concrete blocks are a fantastic product that has made construction simple and adaptable. The cost of raw materials, how the blocks are installed, how big the area is, the features, etc., all have an impact on the cost of Aerated concrete autoclaved blocks in India.

The cost of building a house or any other establishment is the main concern of the majority of people. In most cases, people look for affordable and long-lasting materials that not only protect residences but add value as well. The cost of AAC blocks is quite affordable, which makes these popular enough.

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