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Why Is Tile Adhesive Used In Construction?

Construction materials are used to build homes, offices, and other structures. These materials include wood, metal, concrete, brick, stone, glass, and many others. Each material has its own unique characteristics and uses. Tile adhesives sourced from tile adhesive manufacturers in India are commonly used to bond tiles together.

There are many different types of tile adhesives, including cement-based products, latex-based products, and water-based products. Cement-based tile adhesives are generally stronger than latex-based tile adhesively, but they require curing time before use. Water-based tile adhesive can be applied directly to wet surfaces without any drying time. However, these products tend to be weaker than cement-based tile adhesives.

Reasons for the Use of Tile Adhesive in Construction:

There are various reasons why tile adhesive is used in construction:

  • Easy to use:

Tile adhesive is very simple to use; simply mix it with water to make it ready to use. Product packaging facilitates the transportation process and provides a clean, low-dust workspace. Tiles do not need to be soaked; just take them out of the box and arrange them. OPC, particular fine sand, and additives are combined to create tile adhesive, which is pre-mixed and specially formulated to enhance its key properties for laying tiles.

With the aid of primer, high-performance tile adhesive may be used to install tiles over existing ones, on polished cement, on wooden substrates, or on other unique surfaces. However, high-performance tile adhesive can only be expected from tile adhesive manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh and used for the purpose of construction.

  • Quality work:

Tile adhesive has a minimum setting time. It enables easy tile adjustment within a predetermined time frame. It helps tiles be laid in a straight line and provides the desirable final appearance. Utilizing a notched trowel to apply tile adhesive ensures complete coverage of the back of the tiles and eliminates issues like broken tiles, particularly in corners, water seepage, and stains or efflorescence. Robust bonding strength and long-lasting tile work are provided by full contact between the adhesive on the back of the tiles and the substrate.

On an area of approximately 1 m2, a fast-notched trowel is typically and effectively used for applying the tile adhesive mixture. Then, tiles are quickly adjusted into the lines after being continuously laid onto the notched adhesive.

  • Economical:

Utilizing tile adhesive and a notched trowel reduces the amount of material needed to lay tiles. The adhesive layer is significantly thinner than the sand-cement mixture, which results in a lighter load on the building structure. For a typical area of 4 to 5 m2, a bag of 20 kg tile adhesive may be used to lay tiles. On average, 6 to 7 m2 of tiles can be laid with a 25 kg tile adhesive bag.

Tile adhesives are designed for a variety of purposes, including the installation of tiles, large-size Granito (larger than 60 x 60 cm) and glass mosaics on polished substrates, on drywall systems, over already-installed tiles without removing them, on exterior surfaces, in swimming pools, and more.

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